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CPC Drive’s special Valentine's Day delivery!

Old romantics CPC Drive will do anything for love surprising a delighted customer with the Valentine delivery of her new Audi lease car complete with bow and flowers!

Loretta Spence, Leeds and York Partnerships NHS Foundation Trust (LYPFT) employee, was expecting her new CPC Drive lease car to be delivered but was not expecting it to arrive with a big bow tied around it and an accompanying bouquet of flowers! CPC Drive felt the surprise additions would bring a romantic touch in recognition of the Valentine's Day delivery date. Loretta was delighted when greeted by the spectacle, "Wow! I wasn’t expecting that!" she said.

Lease cars are just one aspect of the CPC Drive offering which also provides online expenses and the Salary Sacrifice Car Scheme. The Salary Sacrifice Car Scheme allows you to drive a brand new, fully maintained and insured car for a fixed monthly amount, through a fixed term salary sacrifice agreement.

141 employees at LYPFT are already taking advantage of the CPC Drive Salary Sacrifice Car Scheme and driving a brand new car for as little as £158 per month!

We have also made some major enhancements to the online driver site making it even easier to find out more about the scheme and effortlessly search for and find the perfect car. These are just a few of the many improvements:

  • A more modern and visually appealing site

  • Enhanced search functionality enabling a 'Quick Car Search' if you know what you want or a more 'Advanced Search' if you want to explore all your options

  • An enhanced image gallery with a wide selection of external and interior images, 360 degree tours of the car and the ability to select and compare different body colours (still to be updated on some of the models

  • Built in WhatCar? reviews giving an independent expert rating and review of cars to help you with your choice (still to be updated on some of the models)

  • The ability to add cars to a wish list, and a new dedicated page for saved quotes and wish lists

  • A new page for all the current special offers and details of exciting new models coming soon

We’ve completely overhauled the look and feel of the site but access to the site remains the same and all of the previous functionality still exists on the new site.

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