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CPC Drive customers can benefit from Energy Savings Trust's Smarter Driving initiative

Staff at CPC Drive's car scheme partner, Tusker, have taken part in the Energy Saving Trust's (EST) 'Smarter Driving' eco-driver training initiative which they've been offering to their customers – and seen their fuel consumption fall by 12%.

Employees took part in the EST organised training that took a route designed to replicate all the circumstances of modern driving in under an hour. The training also measured the drivers' performance at the start and end of the training sessions under the supervision of a training instructor. The EST found that by the end of the 50-minute sessions, which emphasise greater awareness and enhanced anticipation in driving techniques, the average fuel consumption had fallen by 12.1%.

Applied to the participating staff's annual business use of their company cars, the improvement has the potential to further lower Tusker's carbon footprint by over 10 tonnes.

Tusker and CPC Drive now offer all  their customers' salary sacrifice drivers the same Smarter Driving course to help drivers maximise their vehicle's fuel consumption, following a new partnership with the EST.

By introducing some simple changes to driving techniques, including greater anticipation, lighter braking and less harsh manoeuvres, drivers should be able to reduce fuel consumption by up to 15%, based on EST real life experiences.

This can equate to typical annual savings of £200-250 for a car driver, and offer less wear and tear on tyres, brakes and clutches and a reduced likelihood of accidents due to improved awareness and anticipation.

The Smarter Driving initiative followed the participation by all Tusker staff (both field and office based) in the EST's Green Fleet Management Training, ensuring that the whole company remains up to speed with the latest thinking on efficiency and carbon reduction in the fleet industry.

Tusker CEO David Hosking commented:  "Carbon footprints, energy efficiency and other green issues are talked about a lot in our industry, but it has been important for us to go beyond the norm in terms of training, and we are very pleased to have partnered with the Energy Saving Trust.  It's about saving money for customers, but it's also about our responsibility as an industry to be advocates."

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