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New advisory fuel rates from HMRC

Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC) has today announced changes to their Advisory Fuel Rates (AFRs) for petrol, diesel and LPG to be used from 1st September 2013.

The reimbursement rate for diesel cars with an engine between 1601cc to 2000cc has been raised from 14 pence per mile (ppm) to 15, however the rates for the other two diesel capacity bands, up to 1600cc and over 2000cc, remain as before at 12ppm and 18ppm respectively.

Similarly, the sub-1400cc band for petrol cars sees its rate unchanged at 15ppm, while rates for the larger capacity bands have been increased. The rate for petrol cars with engines between 1401cc and 2000cc is increased from 17 to 18ppm and, for cars with engines larger than 2000cc, the rate increases from 25 to 26ppm.

Unlike for petrol and diesel where rates have been increased where changed, LPG users see their reimbursement rates fall on all vehicles over 1400cc. The rate for LPG powered vehicles with engine capacities from 1401cc to 2000cc has been reduced 1p to 11ppm with the over-2000cc rate dropping 2p to 16ppm. The rate for LPG vehicles under up to 1400cc remains static at 10ppm.

New AFRs in full:


Engine size ppm
Up to 1400cc 15
1401cc - 2000cc 18
Over 2000cc 25



Engine size ppm
Up to 1600cc 12
1601cc - 2000cc 15
Over 2000cc 18



Engine size ppm
Up to 1400cc 10
1401cc - 2000cc 11
Over 2000cc 16

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