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New driver site for salary sacrifice drivers

CPC Drive's car scheme partner Tusker have launched an advanced new driver site with upgraded features, new functionality and an improved user experience to help drivers select the most suitable salary sacrifice car.

The driver site updates the previous site, but in an aim to ensure it remains up to date and current with their offering, they have gone through a long project to update it with new and improved features for employees. The new features will help employees choose a car that most accurately meets their lifestyle needs and is available to all drivers whose employers have implemented a salary sacrifice car scheme from CPC Drive.

The new, more visually appealing site includes an enhanced search function enabling a 'quick car search' if the driver knows what vehicle he or she is looking for, or a more 'advanced search' if they are undecided and want to see which cars fit their needs, budget and lifestyle.

Amongst other new features, the new site includes an enhanced image gallery with a wide selection of external and interior images, dynamic 360-degree tours of each car and the ability to select and compare body colours.

The site also features independent road test and review information on each car from industry experts What Car? to provide drivers with impartial advice on making the perfect choice.

An enhanced car comparison tool enables drivers to compare the key facts of up to four cars side-by-side, while there is a new facility for compiling a wish list of desirable cars alongside saved quotes.  A new web page shows all current special offers and details of forthcoming new model launches in one place.

To give drivers a simple overview of the car scheme, the website also features a new animated video explaining all the essential information.

Tusker marketing manager, Candice Oosthuizen, who oversaw the project, said: "We are absolutely thrilled to have launched the new driver site to all our customers and their employees. The initial feedback has been extremely positive.

"We have made major enhancements which take our site to a whole new level and make it so much easier for drivers to find out more about the scheme, and effortlessly search for and select the perfect car to suit their needs and lifestyle.

"Choosing a new car is a big decision and, from research, we know that over 70% of employees who order a car through the scheme don't have a specific car in mind  when they initially log on to our site.

"The new advanced search functionality, along with the significantly enhanced image gallery, new car comparison tool and road test reviews make it so much easier for employees to find the right car for them," she said.

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