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CPC Drive completes transport offering

Transport, for rural areas, can be a bit of a challenge. Not any more for the University of Lincoln's 1,500 employees, following the launch of their Car Benefit Scheme, from CPC Drive.

Lincolnshire is the UK’s second-largest county. One of its most beautiful features, the miles and miles of rolling countryside, has been a negative for employees as it’s made attracting and retaining key staff a little challenging.

Following the launch of the Car Benefit Scheme, the University’s employees now have access to a brand new car, complete with insurance, road tax, breakdown cover, maintenance and tyres. So… driving to work just got a little easier.

Rosie Damarell, Reward Officer for the University, recalls their hesitancy as to whether the scheme was right for them. “We had looked at the Car Benefit Scheme in the past but initially thought it wasn’t right for us. We assumed there was a lot for us to do to implement the scheme and it wasn’t the right time to commit. Once the details of the scheme had been explained, we realised there was minimal involvement required and it simply was a no-brainer to complete our transport offering.”

The Car Benefit Scheme is also compliant with the University’s environmental policy, as each car’s emissions are completely offset as part of CPC Drive’s commitment to being entirely carbon neutral.

HMRC’s consultation into salary sacrifice last year has provided some clarity surrounding Car Benefit Schemes, which has increased orders from employees. “We’ve had a lot more requests now that things have been finalised by the Government.” Rosie continues, “There’s a high level of interest from our employees – it’s definitely something to consider, particularly for those in areas not served by public transport too often.”

The University of Lincoln prides itself on offering a complete transport package, which also includes cycle to work and discounts on trains. The car scheme compliments the package and enables them to ensure employees are able to get to work safely.

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