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The power of a shiny new

Salary Sacrifice Cars

Get more for your money with the Car Benefit Scheme from Tusker in partnership with CPC Drive.

Like Cycle to Work and Childcare Voucher schemes, you get to offset some of your salary in exchange for a brand new car, which, thanks to our manufacturer and corporate discounts, can be significantly cheaper than retail.

Through an agreement with your employer, you can take advantage of this cost effective way to drive a new car - a fixed monthly amount comes out of your salary and you get to drive away a brand new, all-inclusive car complete with insurance, road tax, replacement tyres, servicing, MOT and breakdown assistance.

In fact, to get driving, the only thing you need to do is add fuel.

A brand new car, with savings and less hassle. It’s no surprise that 97% of our drivers would recommend the Scheme.

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