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No fine print, deposits
running costs or fees...

How do we compare?

We’re often asked how the scheme stacks up against some of the offers direct from manufacturers or dealers.

Just add fuel for a small monthly amount? Sounds pretty good… but is it too good to be true.

While the advertised price might sound appealing this is often the basic starting price before you choose the length of the agreement, your annual mileage, any deposits or admin fees, running or standing costs (such as insurance, servicing, maintenance, road tax, tyres, breakdown cover and all the other expenses which come along with running a car).

With the Tusker scheme, everything is included for a fixed monthly amount which is taken directly from your salary, leaving you worry free! From the below comparison you can see we come out on top.

Monthly costs for Peugeot 108 Active 1.0
Comparison of peugeot 108 Active Comparison of peugeot 108 Active
Peugeot 108 Active 1.0

Terms and conditions:

*10,000 miles, 3 years, 30 - 39 year old. Base model. Tusker price based on an average customer profile. May vary depending on scheme set up. Service and insurance costs for Lookers are from Just Add Fuel Offer for comparative purposes, insurance costs for Nationwide are from Just Add Fuel. Prices correct as at 17/05/2016.

Put us to the test, we’ll help you compare

We have a dedicated team committed to making sure the scheme is right for you. If you’ve found an offer you think beats the scheme give us a call on 0333 400 7431, and we’ll be happy to run a cost comparison for you.

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