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The super-savvy way to get a brand new car

We all know that most cars aren’t a very good investment. You tie up thousands of pounds of your savings and then after a couple of years you’re left with something that costs an arm and a leg to keep going.

The Salary Saving Car Scheme is the Netflix for cars. With its similar structure of a fixed monthly amount it’s an exciting new way to run a car.

For the fixed monthly amount you get a brand new car – and then we sort everything else out at no extra cost. That means car insurance, servicing, MOT, road tax, repair bills and breakdown cover. In fact, all you pay for is the fuel.

Whether you are interested in a car through the scheme, or one of our existing drivers, you can find out more by watching a few of our short videos which explain the scheme in more detail.

Now playing : About the scheme video
About the scheme video
Maintaining your car
How to order your car video
Usership versus ownership video
Options at the end of the agreement video

Meet some of our happy drivers!

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